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There are many guest-houses and B&Bs within a 30 minute walking distance of Dublin Hebrew Congregation.  The synagogue office can provide a list of nearby lodgings with more specific walking times (, or you can simply check the times yourself using Google maps.  The Office does not recommend any specific lodging; rather, we suggest you check any accommodations on an evaluation website such as

The main hotels are all in the city centre, usually an hour walk from DHC. There is a small hotel close by called No. 9, Rathgar and they offer Shabbat friendly rooms and a discount when using code DHC on the website. (

During the peak travel months of June, July and August, hotels become fully booked. We recommend booking your rooms at least six weeks in advance.  There are no kosher B&Bs or hotels.  For Sabbath-observing guests, if you have specific Sabbath needs such as dealing with electronic keycards, Saturday check-out or motion-activated lighting, do speak about it with the hotel management in advance.  

The synagogue does not offer private overnight accommodations with families, and for security reasons we do not allow overnight camping at the synagogue.  If you are experiencing problems finding accommodations, check out



If you are looking for Shabbat meals, we recommend reaching out to Chabad of Ireland at  Email for our free travel guide to Jewish Ireland, which contains a list of free attractions open on Saturdays, to round out your special Celtic Shabbat!

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