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Interested in attending for Rosh Hashanah or Yom Kippur?  We have seats available. Please email for our guest form today! 

Visiting Ireland? Be sure to ask for the Irish Jewish Travel Guide!


Whether you are fully, partially or non-observing, Shabbat is a really special time to get to know the community.  For your best experience of DHC, we recommend attending Saturday morning services.  DHC is a Modern Orthodox congregation, men and women are seated in separate sections, and cameras and smartphones are prohibited on the Sabbath.  We recommend that you come dressed neatly, modestly and respectfully - kippot are provided. Remember, there is no eruv (yet), so if you do observe the laws of not carrying outdoors on the Shabbat, plan accordingly. 

For visitors and people attending for the first time/in a long time, please email the office for a booking link at (Didn't get an answer? Our office is closed on Shabbat and Jewish festivals. You can always check here to see if it's a Jewish festival today)


Dublin Hebrew Congregation holds regular weekday services, as well as Friday night, Saturday morning and Saturday afternoon services.  In accordance with Jewish custom, times of services change with the setting sun. To get times of services pleas email the office for a booking link at

For Shabbat meals, reach out to Chabad of Ireland at 

For Shabbat friendly hotels, please request the most recent Irish Jewish Travel Guide from the office (

The car park is closed from sundown Friday to an hour after sundown on Saturday, and is also closed on Jewish festivals.


Friday night services are approximately 45 minutes long. Saturday morning services run for about two hours in total.  


As times of service change from week to week, please contact the office at  The synagogue has services twice daily.  As mincha occurs so early in the winter months, it is generally suspended, Shabbat excepting.


The synagogue holds services for all Jewish religious festivals.  In addition the synagogue holds special dinners and events. Whether it's a Purim seudah, a Pesach seder or a Chanukah party you're after, please contact the Synagogue Office at to be added to the weekly newsletter to get informed about these events.


For the commemorative day of Yom HaShoah, we recommend contacting the Irish Jewish Community Office at for their annual remembrance.  For Yom HaZikaron and Yom HaAtzmaut, we recommend contacting the Israeli Embassy in Dublin. To attend the annual Holocaust Remembrance Day in January, contact the Holocaust Education Trust of Ireland at

Curious about a service?

Non Jews are welcome to attend a service, pending approval from the Synagogue. If you are interested in attending services, please send an email to briefly explaining your interest.  Prayer shawls (tallitot) are not needed, but head-coverings (kippot) will be provided.  

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