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2nd June 2021

Due to the current health emergency, the mikvah is strictly reserved for local users on a case-by-case basis with our mikvah director Mrs Karen Walsh.  We urge casual travellers and tourists to bring this into consideration when making Ireland a destination choice.  





There is a women's mikvah on the grounds of the Dublin Hebrew Congregation.

As this is filled and heated to order, please make an appointment

a few days before, with a minimum of one day.


Beauty and preparation care items, including towels and robes, will not be supplied due to hygiene concerns

Mikvah visits are free for shul members in good standing, €8 for residents and €10 for visitors. (Bedikah cloths may be purchased for an additional €2 per pack.)

Please call Karen on +353 (0)87 798 7627 for more

details and to arrange an appointment


Email for further details and information

[Tevilat keilim can be done in local rivers, the sea,

or in the mikvah by appointment with Karyn)

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