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Conversion to Judaism

If you are interested in a conversion, first find out what Jewish denomination you wish to convert to. Dublin Hebrew Congregation is an Orthodox congregation and the information presented here is from an Orthodox Jewish perspective.


If you wish to pursue an Orthodox conversion, you will need to relocate to a much larger Jewish community at least for part of the process. The standing practice in the Dublin Orthodox community is to refer candidates on to London. Manchester would also be a well-sized community to relocate to.



Particularly in Orthodoxy, the process can take several years.  Orthodox Jews, converts included, are expected to rigorously adhere to strict dietary law and Sabbath laws.  For a married person, the expectation is that both husband and wife will convert.  Teens interested in conversion should wait until they are living independently. 

To get an idea about what's involved with an Orthodox conversion, here is a recommended reading list:

The Gerus Guide

 To Be a Jew

How to Run a Traditional Jewish Household

To Pray as a Jew

If You Were G-d

Sabbath – Day of Eternity

If you are interested in simply learning more about Judaism, check out is an excellent website with loads of answers to your many questions, and live scholars that you can chat with.


There are ways to connect to G-d’s word, that don’t involve a long, expensive conversion. We recommend checking out Bnai Noach (


With the popularity of DNA testing, many people are discovering they have a genetic connection to the Jewish people. However, identity is not simply conferred by a positive result. After all, a person could be almost entirely genetically Jewish, but with one non-Jewish ancestor in the wrong location in the family tree, still be considered completely Gentile by Orthodox Jewish standards.  Similarly, so long as the maternal line remains intact, a person could be totally Jewish despite generations of intermarriage.  The short answer is, it depends.  Regardless, to affirm your Orthodox Jewish identity, it will take documentation and not a DNA test. If you are simply interested in exploring your Jewish ancestry, we recommend starting with the Irish Jewish Genealogical Society at   

If you have other questions that haven't been addressed here, please feel free to email the synagogue office HERE

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