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Brit Milah & Namings

BRIT MILAH (circumcision)

Mazal tov!  Unfortunately in Ireland we have no mohelim within our community to perform circumcision on Jewish boys. When needed they fly in from the UK. Contact our office for the list from the Initiation Society in the UK and to discuss which mohels have travelled here in the past. 

Please note that any mohel who is a medical doctor must register here. Please do not use any mohel who is a medical practitioner if they have not registered with the Irish Medical Authorities (British authorisation is not sufficient).  


Circumcision for non-Jews

We receive many requests every year from non-Jews seeking this procedure for their own sons. Many mohelim from the Initiation Society will be happy to perform the procedure; the same advice applies - please make sure whomever you use is registered with the Irish Medical Authorities. And congratulations!



Mazal tov on your new baby daughter!

Please contact the synagogue office to arrange for a naming at our next Torah reading, at

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