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Passover • Песах • פסח

The Jewish festival of Passover begins Wednesday night 5th April. 

  • For information on kosher for Passsover food  at An Siopa Kosher (matza, grape juice, candles & more) click here

  • For a guide on Kosher for Passover food click here 


The mitzvah of selling one's Chametz is a time-honoured practice that dates back centuries. Anyone can do thiis mitzvah, regardless of how much or how little one is preparing for Pesach this year 

  • CLICK HERE for the online form

  • CLICK HERE to go to  a pdf of the Sale of Chametz form (Email to before 5pm Wednesday 29th March)  A drop box is also stationed at An Siopa Kosher until Sunday 26th March for hard copy collection. 

  • CLICK HERE to give a Donation for Passover


For information on joining a Community Seder, contact Chabad of Ireland.

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