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Keeping Kosher in Ireland

Keeping kosher in Ireland is not impossible, but will require a small amount of reorienting along the way. Europe in general differs from the USA and Israel in that many products do not carry a hechsher (kosher symbol) on the packaging, and you need to use a kosher list instead. 

Sources of Kosher lists include:

• Kosher Products in Ireland (Online Kosher Directory) (NOTE: For people who are careful to keep mehadrin, avoid foods marked "Approved by KCI"


• The Really Kosher Food Guide (online at or from the Office of the Chief Rabbi of the United Kingdom)

• Star-K website : - good for additional kashrut information about what needs a hechsher & what doesn’t.

• Is It Kosher – by far the best website for identifying kosher products in the British Isles :

An Siopa Kosher is a grocery on the grounds of Dublin Hebew Congregation. Check out their website at

Deli 613 is Ireland's only kosher deli offering sandwiches and salads. There is also a coffee bar and attached grocery section. Under the joint supervision of Chabad of Ireland and the KCI.

The Bretzel Bakery, 1a Lennox Street in Portobello, Dublin 8 also make bread onsite under supervision. Only specified items are currently approved as kosher under the KCI. Check list in store for kosher items.  

When travelling outside of Dublin, it is possible to find kosher foods at the following chain supermarkets:

• Dunnes carry the Gosh! range of kosher vegan falafel and patties. They also carry Burren Smokehouse smoked fish. Many items, such as cereals, are under British supervision. Check individual items using

• Nourish or other health food shops often carry the Vbites/Tivall range of kosher soy meat substitute and various soy cheeses. Many also carry vegan ice-cream with a kosher symbol.

• Tesco/Super Valu and other supermarkets carry a wide range of kosher products under British supervision, as well as Irish Pride breads. Check individual items using

• Aldi and Lidl sell the GOSH! vegan range of food

CATERERS Melanie Stein, under the supervision of the KCI, can be contacted preferably by phone on +353 86 608 2774 or by email Melanie can usually deliver to hotels or arrange catered meals for large groups in the DHC shul hall. (Please specify if you are looking for mehadrin meals / chalav yisrael / pat yisrael / glatt etc)


Please confirm with your clients before ordering from local caterers, as many will only want food supervised and certified as kosher. Currently only Melanie Stein and Deli 613 are under kosher certification.

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