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Coming to Ireland to work or study?


Are you considering a relocation to Ireland?  If and when Brexit ever happens, Ireland will become the only English-speaking nation in the European Union. Many companies are already relocating here as a result. Most of the large multi-nationals like Intel, Google, Facebook etc also have their European HQ here in Dublin. 

Our small, but warm and welcoming Jewish community boasts a shul with daily minyanim, high-achieving primary and secondary schools and a lovely mikvah. There is no communal eruv at present but plans are afoot...

Dublin Hebrew Congregation welcomes Jewish families and singles of any age.  Although we can't help you with employment, get you a visa, or pay for your moving costs, we can give you advice on making the big move and help you get connected to your new community.  

Contact the synagogue office at for a PDF copy of the Guide on Moving to Ireland and with your specific questions about moving here.

For school information please check under the "info" tab or go to and

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